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a vector based graphics application for your iPhone
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iPhone and iPad Vector Graphics

miniDraw© is a fully functional mobile vector graphics drawing application. Designed for the iPad, iPhone, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, miniDraw© offers a dedicated set of vector tools, delivered in an intuitive and streamlined user interface. Use it to produce artwork on-the-go and later export it as a .svg file to use in any vector graphics package (Adobe Illustrator/Flash, Corel Draw, Inkscape).


miniDraw Lite - Free ad-based version
miniDraw Full - Full version (Retina Display Ready)
miniDraw HD - iPad version


  • Layers
  • Tools: Pen Tool, Clone, Mirror, Weld, Break, Transform (scale & rotate), Copy/Paste (between scenes), and more...
  • Linear & radial gradients
  • Background image
  • Export to 'Photo Albums’
  • Email PNG or SVG (usable in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape, etc.)


If you have any questions or concernes, you can contact us by e-mailing or on the discussion page.